Well I will sleep tonight

Well.. I will sleep tonight.
Took a run out to a spot I stopped doing about 4 yrs ago, it’s a good 1.5 hrs away and the last 4 or 5 times I went it just wasn’t productive, Im not short of spots so it’s just been at the back of my mind. Got rained off work and for some reason I thought I would just take a run out.
After gridding the low water mark and just picking up Ali I headed to low spot I could see that I hadn’t seen before and it’s was riddled with Target after target, with no small coil and only the tornado I had my work cut out but its sessions like these that bond you to your kit but if I take anything away from today it will be never forget your boots as I dug about 160 targets in crocs, now Where’s that nurofen.
First time had these types of grinders and 3 turn up. I’ve enclosed a picture of half the carnage I forgot to take the pic from the other angle. All holes were leveled before I left that the tide hadn’t done for me.

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