Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nokta Metal Detectors and/or content developers of this website, employees of Nokta Metal Detectors and persons and establishments authorized by Nokta Metal Detectors do not assume any legal or criminal liabilities pertaining to any claims regarding any material and immaterial damages arising from your misconducts as whether you have/have not read these conditions herein.

Therefore, Nokta Metal Detectors does not assume any legal, criminal and/or personal liability due to persons and publishes including, but not limited to, scripts, comments, news, images and videos published in the Website by visitors, participators of the commenting platforms, sponsors and ad publishers of Nokta Metal Detectors. Website, appearance of Nokta Metal Detectors. logo, homepage and subsections links in the websites other than Nokta Metal Detectors. information and comments retrieved by means of using any kind of content uploaded and published in the servers of Nokta Metal Detectors, and any kind of content that is not under responsibility and authority of Nokta Metal Detectors due to structure of Internet in accordance with general practices.

Nokta Metal Detectors unilaterally reserves the right to change and update this provisions and conditions herein without any prior notification, at any time. Any kind of information, statistical figures and values appeared in the Nokta Metal Detectors website are compiled as obtained from sources whose credibility is recognized under general practices and Nokta Metal Detectors does not set any guarantee on their accuracy and sufficiency.

Nokta Metal Detectors does not assume any personal, legal and criminal liability due to the direct or indirect material and/or immaterial, negative and/or affirmative damages and any other possible damages and costs that may arise as a result of use of the information, evaluation, comments, statistical figures and values appeared in the website of Nokta Metal Detectors.

It is assumed that you have read, and accepted by you, above remarks and declarations before your visit in the web site of NOKTA, and in case of any dispute, claim and demand arising from this issue, Nokta Metal Detectors declares and visiting real and legal person(s) of Nokta Metal Detectors. Website accepts and undertakes that these statements written in this website and all other computer records of Nokta Metal Detectors. Will be presented as sole and real evidences under the jurisdiction of Istanbul Courts and Enforcement and Bankruptcy Offices in accordance with Art. 287 of Code of Civil Procedure.