Meet Us


We feed on technology, breath innovation and exist for our customers.
Attention to detail is paramount but we also see the bigger picture.
We are ambitious but humble.
We strive for perfection but we are human… so we may make mistakes as well.
We acknowledge our mistakes and make up for them.
We don’t stick to our guns; we listen to our customers.
We are a sincere and honest family.

We are Nokta Detectors!

Our story began in 2003!

Nokta Engineering opened her eyes to the world as an independent manufacturer of metal detectors based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Electromagnetic, electronics, electro mechanics, physics… you will bring them all together to develop and manufacture detectors and make a name for yourself in the global arena! Sounds too hard… BUT we succeeded! Not only that but we became a strong global brand Nokta Detectors exporting to more than 100 countries across six continents.


to our customers and increased industry standards at the same time. Put it this way; we made our competitors sweat quite a bit!
From 25 employees 19 years ago, we have grown and expanded into a big corporation with thousands of business partners. That’s not all. In 2017, Nokta Engineering became a Research & Development Center certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey.
We worked very hard and felt proud! Both to support the economy with our exports and to make a name in the world!

And we have reached today…

Detectors aren’t enough, so we said: “Technology is our heart, but we can do a lot more. Touch more lives and make lives easier. Moreover, as a technology developing team, we feel we have a responsibility and a moral duty towards humanity during these tough times the world is going through.”
So, we have founded Quall!
We got excited once again to use our experience and ignite our passion for the benefit of a bigger audience. We said: “Quality for all” and rolled our sleeves up. If you ask: “Quality of what?”

Everything that technology shapes in your lives…