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Matthew Pfeil


I have been actively detecting since 2012. I started with an older machine from eBay, an old Whites detector built in 1978. After six months I decided that I enjoyed the hobby and wanted to advance and invest in a new machine.

In 2013, friends of mine on social media suggested that I start a YouTube channel to help document my journey in this hobby. I dabbled in media production while in school and found that I enjoyed putting myself out there, sharing with friends and family this hobby!

Since then, I have used several other brands and styles of machines. Every machine I’ve used had its strengths and weaknesses. Comparing one machine to another resembles comparing broccoli to bananas. Both are food and are healthy, but each its own purpose.

My favorite style of metal detecting I enjoy the most is relic hunting. I enjoy connecting with the past. Bringing to light an object that dropped hundreds of years ago is always a real treat.
Good ambassadorship for the hobby is paramount. Clean as you go, hunt where you have permission. Follow all local laws and regulations. Fill your holes and don’t leave any trash. Be kind and respectful to others. But most of all, remember that this is a hobby and a way to have fun and relax.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to represent Nokta Makro. I feel we share the same values in the hobby. I am looking forward to this new journey as a member of the NOMADS.

Siren Kimmie Price

North Carolina

Siren Kimmie Price is a mild mannered tech nerd by trade, and in her off time, she is a coffee guzzling, wine sipping, detector-wielding, Head Darling in Charge at Girls Rock Metal Detecting. She is a dash of tomboy under an otherwise girlie exterior; skillfully showing the world that the ladies are not afraid to get down and dirty to recover some amazing treasures. With a passion for history and an unparalleled appetite for rescuing relics, coins, and artifacts, she documents her adventures via her YouTube channel and her blog, which displays her writing talents through articles, commentary, and prose. Her works have been featured in numerous publications to include a cover story on The Archaeology & Metal Detecting Magazine. She is also a regular contributor at Global Detection Adventures, is a frequent guest on various internet radio shows, and has just begun production on a podcast entitled, “Listen Through the Noise”.
When asked about her role as a Nokta Makro field team member, Kimmie said,

“It’s a great match! I love their products and am very proud to be a part of such a well-respected company in the metal detecting industry.” She went on to explain, “Everything just seemed to fit. Nokta Makro was intent on building a team based on integrity—a necessity for me. This bolstered my confidence in them as a company, and solidified my decision to become a part of the Nomads.”

When Kimmie isn’t working, she is usually out detecting, editing videos, or writing. She is often found hanging out on her Facebook page Girls Rock Metal Detecting, the We Rock Metal Detecting group (co-moderated by Heavy Metal Detecting), or performing admin duties at The Official 1800s & Relics Club.
To learn more about Siren Kimmie and find links to her Instagram, twitter, and other social media platforms visit

Jason Rabito

Jason Robito


I have been metal detecting for thirty plus years. Throughout the years I have come to understand and respect the importance of practicing good metal detecting ethics as well applying the best tools I can obtain that enables one to find what other machines have left behind.

Nokta/Makro is the only metal detector manufacture that offers me top notch build quality and performance right out of the box without modifications. Nokta/Makro is also one of the only manufacture of metal detectors that has indeed discovered the pulse of what detectorists want in a machine by communicating with customers on a direct basis and then applying what is asked for. I am humbled and proud to be a member of the Nokta/Makro Nomad USA team.

Dwight Colon

Dwight Colon


Dwight Colon is a true land historian and treasure hunter based out of Orlando, Florida.

His 13 years as a detectorist has focused mainly on detecting beaches to include diving; however, he also searches the occasional home site and other land for good measure. Driven by his love for unearthing history and detecting with friends, he enjoys finding all kinds of treasure and sharing it with the world.

Dwight is the founder of the New Age Goonies metal detecting group on Facebook, which has grown from a small, grass roots club into a complete movement; made up of likeminded individual sharing in their love of the hobby. He comes to Nokta Makro after having first tested their products and developing a respect for the brand.

With a focus on incorporating the most advanced technology into their detectors, Dwight believes they are building the detectors of the future — the best on the market. Because of this, he feels Nokta Makro is a company he can truly stand behind. Rise and Grind it’s Metal Detecting Time!

Javi Valero Blanco

Javi Valero Blanco


My name is Javi aka “Javi Goes Outdoors” I’m 29 years old I am from Spain.

I’ve been interested in metal detecting since young age and had my first metal detector five years ago.
I love Nokta Makro because it cares about every detail, every user… I own a PulseDive, Simplex and Anfibio, I enjoy taking them to the field, park, rivers and beach
I am very proud of have been chosen as a NOMAD for Spain.

Sebastiaan Hoogenberg

Sebastiaan Hoogenberg


Hey! I’m Sebastiaan Hoogenberg from the Netherlands, I’m 41 years old and just married with my beautiful wife Marieke known here as “The Makro Lady” and we have both a daughter (both 11 years). I have been searching with the Metal Detector for almost 5 years now.

I search a lot on salt beach, water … and if I’m not there then in a park, grass, field etc. My first time I came in contact with a Nokta Makro machine was the Makro Racer 2….great machine! After that I had a different brand of metal detector for 7 months, but always kept the Racer 2 there … but I still grabbed more and more towards the Racer 2. Then I sold the other machine and bought a Nokta Impact instead… in the meantime I had started a YouTube Channel “The Dutch Metal Hunters” to record the hunts. During this period, I was also approached by Kooistra Metaaldetectors and because of them my channel got a huge boost (and still).

Then I used the Multi Kruzer, Anfibio and recently also the Gold Kruzer (I am currently using the last 3 and I really love these machines!) The reason why I love the Nokta Makro machines so much? These metal detectors speak my language …. I understand what they want to say. I have already made beautiful finds with the Nokta Makro machines. And now I was asked if I wanted to join team Nomads for the Netherlands. What an honor!

Federico Cini

Federico Cini


I started a long time ago with metal detecting trying to always use more performing and complex equipment in use, I opened a YouTube channel later, to explain the use of such equipment and any tricks of the trade …. one day a dealer makes me try a metal detector that just came out, the Makro Racer… nice metal detector I liked immediately for the precision and speed in detecting the target but a little less for the depth of detection which I was looking for desperately in that period. With the arrival of the Racer 2, the performance changed and my feeling of having a performing metal detector in my hands was fulfilled.

A new world opened up at the arrival of the Nokta Force Relic: super-performing metal detector with precision on small objects and a good depth of detection… hence a love for these metals … the Impact came out I took it on the fly for testing and I still have it, excellent stability and precision… very good depth on my land … the only disadvantage is the weight but still well balanced; now I also own the Anfibio Multi of the Nokta Makro home …. I have already established a great feeling strengths are the depth and precision but all added are my favourite metal detectors … I always hope for new releases to see what this house will pull out of the hat… another point that I want to mention is the professionalism and speed with which this brand solves any issues or possible defects… an extremely attentive brand to the needs of the detectorist…

Scott Dubay

Scott Dubay

United Kingdom

The name is Scott Dubay and I am an aspiring metal detectorist residing on the east coast of Essex England on the North Sea. Being introduced to metal detecting many years ago and having used Nokta|Makro equipment for many of those years, has enabled me to self educate myself in all aspects of this great hobby, as well as teaching others how improve their techniques and learn their machines.

A captivating passion for this hobby drives me to seek fabled treasure throughout the lands of the United Kingdom. Searching on some of the most historical and sought after areas in the world for metal detecting, it has aided my ability to find breathtaking items from throughout the centuries.

Having been chosen to join the Nokta|Makro NOMADs European Team representing the UK is a distinguishable honour. I started using the Multi Kruzer which immediately peeked my interest in this companies state of the art technological advancements in metal detectors and other detecting equipment, and I have used nothing but this brand ever since.

The future will bring new and exciting changes to our hobby and being affiliated with this powerful driving force that brings high quality detectors to the world is a great position to be in. If you’d like to see me in action using, reviewing, testing and sharing settings of various Nokta|Makro products, be sure to check out Dirt Diggers UK on YouTube.

Gary Fenn

Gary Fenn

United Kingdom

Gary spends a significant amount of his free time metal detecting the southern shores of England hunting for military artifacts and old coins. Due to the extensive military history of his local area, he recovers a good number of World War I and World War II relics. One such recovery landed Gary on Fox News in America as he returned a WWII dog tag to a U.S. soldier’s widow. In addition, Gary recovers coins, tokens, badges and other artifacts from around the world. He particularly enjoys combining his love of rock music into unique documentary-style metal detecting videos for his YouTube channel (Heavy Metal Detecting) and keeps busy on social media at his Facebook group “We Rock Metal Detecting”. Gary began dabbling in the world of Nokta Makro after testing out the Anfibio Multi and then the Simplex+. “When it comes to metal detectors, I have tried a few but I was looking to ‘up my game,” he said. “When I put that Anfibo to the soil, I really felt I was playing at a whole new level.” He added, “I have been very impressed with the Nokta Makro machines and the company’s commitment to building upon the latest technology. Obviously, when the opportunity came to be a part of the Nokta Makro Nomads field team, I jumped on it. For me it was a no-brainer. Great company, great machines!

Adam Kearley

Adam Kearley

United Kingdom

Adam first picked up a metal detector as a child and learned the basics from his Dad. He then spent many years away from the hobby pursuing other interests until returning to it nearly 30 years later after watching a good friend’s YouTube channel.

A keen interest in videography along with his rekindled love for metal detecting combined to create his own successful YouTube channel: D-Tekt Sussex.

Searching the fields, parks and beaches of Sussex in the UK, Adam loves to find old coins, relics and jewellery and enjoys passing on his knowledge and experiences through his weekly videos.

He is incredibly proud to have been chosen to join the ranks of the Nokta Makro Nomads field team. It really is an honour to work with such an innovative, user-focussed and forward-thinking company!

When not metal detecting, Adam plays trumpet and cornet in various orchestras and bands, manages a charity fundraising team and enjoys working out at his local Crossfit gym.

Stacy Pink

Stacy Pink


Hello from Melbourne, Australia. I am Stacy Pink.

I started detecting 3 1/2 years ago at the age of 63. I have been retired since I was 60. For about 3 years now I have been detecting with my “Red Racer” – Makro Racer 1. And I still use my Red Racer now. Last year I acquired an Anfibio Multi. (Friend was selling after only 4 months of having it) so I bought it to have as a spare. Many have told me I should be using the Anfibio. However I was so attached to my faithful old Red Racer that I just kept using it. I mainly specialise in coins and relics. Especially pre decimal (pre 1966) coins here in Australia. I grew up with those pre decimal coins so they have a special meaning to me. I look forward to detecting rivers and creeks with my new Scuba Dive when I go camping in my motorhome soon. I will also be taking my Gold Kruzer to the Golden Triangle at first opportunity.

Jual Butler

Jual Butler


G’day from Brisbane Australia!

My name is Jual and I am honoured to take my place in the global Nokta Makro team.
I have been a keen detectorist for many years now and we are blessed here in Australia with the richest gold bearing earth in the world as well as a young, but untapped history of relics just waiting to be saved.
I have loved the Nokta Makro range since I put my hands on the Multi Kruzer and now have almost the entire range.
A Detector for every enviroment at my finger tips, whether it be land, sea or the rich gold fields of Australia and all from an amazing company. Nokta Makro.
See you out there!

Josh Brame

Josh Brame


Welcome my name is Josh!!

I prospect for GOLD Ballarat Victoria Australia Goldfields as it’s part of the famous Golden Triangle,I have a channel on YouTube called Chasing Gold Australia and I’m also on Facebook and Instagram, My great grandfather was a big gold miner in Ballarat Victoria Australia and it definitely runs through the blood.

I have been using the Nokta Gold Kruzer and the Nokta Gold Finder 2000 as the sensitivity of the Kruzer and the set up and go machine Gold Finder 2000 is fantastic. I have had gold fever since I can remember but since 2020 I have been prospecting and creating video content full time.

I am extremely proud and excited about being part of the Nokta Nomad family.

Thanks heaps and please don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel

Josh Brame
Ballarat ,Victoria, Australia


Jason Corbett

Jason Corbett


It is an honor to have been chosen to join Nokta Makro Team Canada to further represent their products, their company, and their values! Anyone who knows me, understands that accountability, integrity, and respect are things that I highly value and support in our ever-growing metal detecting community.
Law Enforcement is my responsibility, and Metal Detecting is my passion, and I have been engaged in the world’s best hobby since I was the age of 5. Now 40 years later, I continue to bring to our metal detecting communities a vast amount of experience and expertise.
My name is Jason Corbett, I am the sole creator and managing editor of the Diggin’ 4 Life Metal Detecting History Channel on YouTube. I am also the administrator for many metal detecting pages on various social media platforms. My channel has funded events, donated relics and artifacts to historical organizations, and I have invested in the teaching of this great hobby to many individuals over the years.
With so many brands of metal detectors available on the market today, it is imperative that any metal detectorist makes the correct decision when it comes to purchasing equipment. The impacts of your investment today, will ultimately impact and reflect in your future success tomorrow!
Nokta Makro Metal Detectors bring to the world a solid base of leading-edge technology with fair and supportive affordability. It is this superior combination of technology with affordability, backed with Nokta Makro’s superior before and after service and support, that ultimately propels them and separates them from the pack.
Nokta Makro is a company that listens to its customers and they have proven this time and time again with the release of many great metal detectors and accessories that FINALLY provide what metal detectorists ask for! Nokta Makro is a company that not only listens to its customers, but they discuss, design, create, and implement progressive & leading-edge changes.
An investment into Nokta Makro is not just about purchasing a metal detector or an accessory, it is about investing in your future. With Nokta Makro, you do have a voice, and you will be heard, where the results of what you want in a great metal detector, can finally become a reality!
I welcome our entire Canadian metal detecting community to Nokta Makro, where I am proud to be a strong supporter of this outstanding organization!
See you at the next event!

Jason Corbett
Diggin’ 4 Life Metal Detecting History Channel

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