Tried a New Program on my Simplex

Tried a new program on my Simplex

So, tried a new program on my Simplex (field mode) I’ll start by saying it’s probably really not suited to large trashy area’s (parks and recreational facilities) due to the way the detector is set up specifically for detecting larger areas with added depth it takes a while to get the hang of the tones for each specific target response… I found recovery speed excellent and had no trouble determining where target’s were situated close by each other… what I loved about this mode is that it encourages you to dig the midtones, yes, you also dig a lot of trash (see photos below) but as you may or may not know? Hiding in the midtones are most of the goodies your looking for… what you see below is the proceeds of one small park that I have already been over twice in park mode… I found in park mode your ear becomes attuned to just listening out for the high tones and therefore actually passing over target’s that appear to be less conductive..I’ve put this down to being a rookie and making the added mistake of rushing around trying to find the jackpots instead of methodically searching an area out precisely in a smaller grid style fashion… it’s probably too early for me to give you a definitive answer as whether or not feild mode beats park mode or vice versa… but I can see the benifits of both and urge you to practice going through all the settings the Simplex has in order to really appreciate what a fantastic machine the Simplex really is… hope this helps a few people still new to their machine? Happy hunting guy’s… PS… descriptions of finds will be in the comments section below each photo…

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  1. Vincent Mates says:

    I concur 100%. I’ve had my Simplex for about three weeks now and have been getting out to hunt as much as possible. Today I went with a buddy to an old neighborhood we hunted in the summer…a whole neighborhood of boarded up old homes. The houses were all gone today and all the lots were extremely trashy… extremely. I do love field mode, but I’m learning to love the park modes for the trashy sights, with a little notching.
    The thing I really love about the Simplex is that you can very quickly and easily switch modes if you want to do a “double check” of a target.
    We weren’t out long, but I did dig an old padlock amongst a ton of aluminum & iron junk.