Today Jewelry & Coin Day For The Simplex

Today Jewelry & Coin Day For The Simplex - Cover

Looks like today was jewelry & coin day for the Simplex. It was a short hunt because of the lightning, didn’t even get a chance to hunt 10% of the property. I scoured this place with my minelab a few years back, figured I’d take the simplex over to see what i had previously missed. I wasn’t surprised, the minelab sovereign had a slow recovery speed, a newer penny was the only target near the surface. The quarter and shotgun stamp were about 8” deep in 2 separate holes, the heart and ribbon charms are about the size of my pinky nail.

Published by: Dave Romano

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  1. Gene Gazzara says:

    Great hunt Dave! Looks like you found a nice assortment of targets. Can’t wait to see what you find when you return.

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