That’s 200 Years Of Coin Dates

That’s 200 Years Of Coin Dates - Cover

Hey folks. Some of you may have seen where I posted a couple weeks ago about a big wheat penny hoard I had discovered. Ended up with about 1,070 or so pennies from that single hole. Well, I went back last weekend and after finding a few wheat pennies I had missed on the surface I decided to open up some test holes around that very spot. What happened next was nothing short of incredible. I turned over my first scoop of dirt and multiple Large Cents and 2 Cent coins just started falling off the shovel. I knew I had hit something a lot better than a pile of wheats so I went back to the truck and got my camera to record the whole experience. I dug for the next hour or so during time which I managed to recover 54 Large Cents, 39 2 Cents, 10 Flying Eagles, one King George II copper, and about a dozen or so wheat pennies. That’s ~200 years of coin dates inside the same hoard. My theory is that the same family had an area under the floorboards where they hid valuables for generation after generation, stuff got lost or covered up with dirt, people died, etc. Several of the coins still have paper roll wrapping around their edges and many were still stuck together. This hoard hasn’t yielded any silver or gold yet but I’m holding out hope that it’s down there somewhere. I will of course be going back and to excavate and sift the entire area. Hope it’s ok with the Admins that I linked to the video of the hunt. Thanks.

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