Search For Saint Bernard With The Legend

Search For Saint Bernard With The Legend - Cover

The search for Saint Bernard with The Legend

Today we saved some more amazing local history! After a great meeting with the headmaster of the school, we got permission to metal detect the entire property, about 113 acres. Our goal is to try to recover some old lost vintage relics and history that we can return back to the school and display for others to enjoy.

We only got to metal detect for about an hour after the meeting/tour before we left but nonetheless we are off to an AMAZING start! After digging 20 or 30 Clad coins from the ’70s, I got a slamming 50’s signal on my trusty Legend about 4″ deep, It was a screamer! To my delight up popped an old vintage personalized solid sterling silver Saint Christopher religious medallion!

We gave it to the headmaster to be donated back to the school and he was absolutely blown away! It will be the first piece in the display case for the school. He invited us back and I saw a twinkle in his eye as we shook hands. What a cool hobby, I can’t wait to see what else comes up on the next hunt.

Published by: Joshua Bossie

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