Knight’s Sword Found With Simplex

Knight's Sword Found With Simplex - Cover

Now this should be fun trying to locate of all things a sword. It’s a long story, but here goes. I am secretary for the Hervey Bay Medieval re-enactors. And I’ve been told today, that one of our older members broke his sword about 6 years ago. So they buried it, you know, gave it a funeral worthy of a knight.

Well that same gentleman is getting married soon, and mentioned in passing, that he wishes he could have his “old faithful” sword at his wedding. What do you think, we roughly know where it is. Stay tuned to see if we find it…

Well, we found it well, what’s left of it 6 years in the ground. And in salty sand conditions left the sword in a bit of a sorry state I’m afraid. Took all of my detecting skills to locate it as you can see just how deep it had been buried.

The faintest whisper that has a tone only at one end as the sword was slanted downwards in the ground. Also was the cross guard but again very badly corroded. The lads still intend to clean the remnants of the sword and present it to the once owner on a silk cloth on his wedding day. Over the moon to have participated in this retrieval and a compliment to the simplex for working its magick once again.

Published by: Steven Avagodigga Maher

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