I have found more rings with this detector

I was sore from kayaking all day yesterday and I almost canceled our plans today with a hunting buddy. So glad I got my sore arse out of bed and went hunting. I found this the first hour today.

I have found more rings with this detector in 3 months than all my other detectors ever. You don’t have to run it wide open people. Half way to 3/4’s is plenty! Ground balance every 30 minuets or so and dig those good sounds! Quit using the VDI to make up your mind. If it sounds like a ring or a coin… dig that mother up! If you are to lazy to dig some trash then sell your detector and find a new hobby please.

Published by Dan Browning

3 responses to “I have found more rings with this detector”

  1. Seattle Chris says:

    Nice Ring! Are you a Dirt or Beach hunter? What’s your favorite RING Mode?

  2. Anton Schneider says:

    Gut zu wissen, was mit einem Detektor alles möglich ist. Wer weiß, inwiefern man fündig wird. Offensichtlich findet man viele Ringe dadurch. Vielleicht spart man sich dadurch auch, wertvolle Hochzeitsringe zu kaufen.

  3. Zack says:

    So you know anything about this ring i found one very similar but i kbow nothing about it anything would help me to identify the maker and value of this piece i have

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