Had Fun Hitting 3 Park Tot Lots Yesterday

Had Fun Hitting 3 Park Tot Lots Yesterday - Cover

Had fun hitting 3 park tot lots, yesterday. Concentrating on VDIs above 20, I dug $7.07 in clad, a few pop tops, and a wide array of items. Most all the jewelry is bling, including the Libra constellation necklace. Now, the Jesus pendant is the kicker. It is beautiful, heavy, and marked 14K, but since when does brass come in 14K? lol

Published by: Michael Gaither

2 responses to “Had Fun Hitting 3 Park Tot Lots Yesterday”

  1. Johnathan says:

    What settings did you use?

  2. Ramesh says:

    Dear sir…sometimes it shows gold and sometimes nonferrous ..for the same material…pl give me your contact number to talk to tecnical people to oparete properly my whatsapp number..9019101564

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