Dug Deep Into The Hole

Dug Deep Into The Hole - Cover

Well was chomping at the bit to get my new 13.5 Simplex coil out. Had about 10 minutes this morning before I had to leave. Went out into my own yard that’s been hit seemingly 1000s of times. By me my brother and Jordan. First hit I could not locate. Second hit solid 80. Dug deep into the hole. The meter on detector was maxed. 9 inches down and this little gem pops out. Thinking it was a solid wheat cent. I’m thinking a fairly old ring. My house dates back to early 1950s. But I’m thinking ring is much older. It’s either brass or copper. What a way to start with this new coil.

Published by: Mike Keefer

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  1. tony says:

    Nice find !! You never know what’ll come out of the ground.

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