Found With The FORS In Saudi Arabia

Found With The FORS In Saudi Arabia - Cover

These were found with the Nokta FORS in Saudi Arabia, near the ancient oasis of Hofuf.
There is now nothing that gives away any past habitation except broken pottery.
I found Phoenician, Sassanian, Greek, Roman and Persian coins, bronze and silver.
This is close to the lost city of Gerrha which has still not been found and is likely under meters of sand dunes.
The coins were given to the schools for history class…
The Bedouin of the area are incredibly friendly and hospitable, it’s an amazing area with a incredible history.
My next machine I will buy is the Nokta Gold Finder 2000 as I find ancient gold does not indicate well with some modern machines.
I must say the build quality and reliability of your products is second to none, built for the field, tough, user friendly and durable.

Published by: Mark Minchau

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  1. Ivan says:

    Hi. Can you sell me one or two coins?

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