Au Gold Finder and Gold Racer in Northern Nevada Reno

Hello form Reno, Nevada USA
I am writing to you to tell you about our latest adventure with the AU and Racer metal detectors. We took a group of people out to teach them how to find gold using the mentioned detectors. It did not take any of them long to pick up on our demonstration and learn how to work the metal detectors in our gold bearing area. With in 2 hours all had found at least one nugget a couple found 2 each before we handed the detectors over to the next person. The biggest being a .7 gram nugget that looks like it has a face to it. All had a great time and all went home with some gold. Thank you for making a detector that does not take a degree to learn and actually finds gold.
See picture below of some of the gold found that day.

Larry – President GPAA of Northern Nevada Reno

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