Went out with my friend tonight

Went out with my friend tonight

Went out with my friend John Christopher tonight … hit a old school yard found my very first coin a Canadian one dollar Loonie Coin … the rest of my coins were found in one hole… a bit of a coin spill … the two shiney coins were surface finds … I use the notch setting tonight on the Simplex and notched out the first three segments …dug a lot less trash… still
Learning the machine …..But it’s going to be a very easy machine to use … pinpoint is fantastic ..dead on ! So lite weight easy to swing … best Find of the day was a antique ” molsons ashtray…. see the pics below how I found it and what it looked like back in the day !
It was a good 9 inches below the ground crazy how something can get that deep below the ground ….This is going to be a fantastic machine to use …. ( lol wonder if I will still use my Makro Multi Kruzer !!) After using this machine …. I highly rec…

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