Silver Rings And Bershka Watch

Silver Rings And Bershka Watch - Cover

Silver rings and Bershka watch. Playground finds. Both rings pulled from about 10-12 cm, the bigger one was buried amongst thrash by the park bench.
Small ring registered at 53-60, 12cm deep. First I thought its gonna be a piece of aluminium can, but the pinpoint signalled a very small object. The bigger ring also registered very similar vdi, also unstable (thrash around and “ribbed” shape)
I am using this detector since a year and a half and with every search i am more and more impressed with it.
5 tones
Gain 65 (emi polluted area)
Isat 0
Disc 8
Notch 9-15, 93-99
Notch vol. 2

Published by: Salvador Zynov

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