Not even a hour with the AF23C coil

Very short hunt, not even a hour with the AF23C coil. The coil is a coin magnet which pin points accurately.

Published by Steve Blankenship

4 responses to “Not even a hour with the AF23C coil”

  1. Pieter says:

    Would love to work with this machine

  2. Pedie Abian says:

    I want to more about the detector? How deep it can penetrate the ground.? How much is the price?

  3. Mel Agbalog says:

    How much is the cost of this kind of detector?

  4. William DeVault says:

    I have the Makro Multi Kruzer, which I use on the beach in Florida, great detector but bottle caps read the same as coins, I’ve heard the AF23C discriminates out bottle caps while picking up coins, how??

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