I have been metal detecting since 1984

I have been metal detecting since 1984

I have been metal detecting all over Australia’s eastern states since 1984.

I recently purchased a Nokta Makro Simplex+ to use as a backup detector and to share with my grandchildren. I used it for the first time last Sunday. I had been given permission to detect a 100 year old farmhouse just a short drive from home. After setting the machine up, I got a signal almost immediately. At 11 inches I unearthed a 1918 three pence. Three hours later, I had detected 4 threepences, 3 sixpences, 2 florins, 2 one shillings, two pennies and two half-pennies. Every coin rang up clearly in the high tone and the target ID’s were consistently solid.

The machine is very simple to set up and the settings are easy to understand and manipulate. I am impressed with the build quality and appearance of the Simplex+.

Well done Nokta Makro, a great machine at a more than reasonable price.

Published by David Nicholson, Queensland, Australia

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