Had Some Good Detecting

Had Some Good Detecting - Cover

Had some good detecting the past few days with my Makro Multi Kruzer. Depth is not everything. It is the ability to see in between the iron and trash and cherry pick the good stuff. That is why I am doing so good at my old spots and of all places in my yard. Pulled two mercury dimes and a rosey from the knoll in my yard. Unbelievable as I have hit it so many times over the past 9 years.I just could not zip in between the iron with my Sovereign GT. At the farm field I got some musket balls, old buttons, an unreadable colonial copper, an indian head cent, and an 1882 Canadian large cent. A first for me. Take care and happy hunting. Last but not least my dachshund Stardust assisted, Nokta Makro Detectors

Published by: Jason Robito

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