I’ve Dug Some Really Cool Old Items

I've Dug Some Really Cool Old Items

I’ve dug some really cool old items from 1800s from my back yard some were 10 inches deep here are just 3 pics but ive dug lots more stuff also dug 7 mercs oldest was 1917. The first item is a mid 1800s catholic cruciform cross, second is from what I was told on some detecting sites its pre civil war era its the louisianna state symbol but its the old symbol it was changed in the 1800s from what I was told the bird is turned the other direction and the wings are more pointed in the newer symbol then dug this old heart buckle from late 1800s was told some civil war soldiers even used this buckle with a belt to wrap around their bedrolls looked on ebay at some for sell and they said the same thing gotta love this hobby ive dug a lot more than this just didn’t wanna post to much lo dug lots of tax tokens from several states also…

Published by: James Watson

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