Security is becoming even more important in today's public life. Therefore, security solutions are needed in almost every part of our daily life.

Ultra Scanner, with its ultimate sensitivity, fast response time, light and ergonomic design is the most ideal hand-held detector for ultra safety and security.

  • 360° Detection Sensor

  • Audio or Vibration Alert

  • Long Battery Life

  • Low Battery LED

  • Adjustable Sensivity

  • Instant Interference Elimination

  • Signal Level Indicator


  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Government Offices
  • Schools
  • Police Stations
  • Military Areas
  • Courthouses
  • Prisons
  • Stadiums
  • Concert Halls
  • Public Meeting Areas
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Corporate Security
  • Building Complexes
  • Trade & Business Centers



Package Contents

Ultra Scanner Standart Package

Ultra Scanner Std. Package Contents

1- Ultra Scanner Std.
2- Belt Holster
3- 9V Alkaline
4- User Manual

Ultra Scanner Pro. Package Contents

Ultra Scanner Pro. Package Contents

1- Ultra Scanner Standard
2- Belt Holster
3- Earphone
4- 9V Alkaline
5- AC Charger
6- User Manual
7- Carrying Bag



Operating Frequency50 KHz
Audio Frequency2 KHz
Voltage6V - 10.5V
Current4.5mA (Stantby)
Dimensions (L x W x CD)40 x 8.5 x 3cm (15.7" x 3.3" x 1.2")
Weight400 gr
Operating Temperature -20ºC (14ºF) to 60ºC (140ºF)
Battery9v Alkaline
Battery LifeUp to 100 hours (Alkaline Battery)
Warranty2 Years

Ultra Scanner Options

Std. PackagePro. Package
Sensitivity Adjustment
Interference Elimination Button
Internal Sensitivity Adjustment
Led Indicator
Volume Control
Earphone / Charging Port
Package Content9V Alkaline Battery Belt Holster9V Rechargeable Battery & Charger, Earphone, Belt Holster, Carrying Bag

Metal Detection Depth Chart

Metal TypeFactory DefaultMaximun Adjustable
9mm Pistol20 cm (7.87")31 cm (12.20")
10 cm Disc20 cm (7.87")31 cm (12.20")
Razor Blade7.5 cm (2.95")12 cm (4.72")
9 mm Long Caliber Bullet7.5 cm (2.95")12 cm (4.72")
Utilty Knife11 cm (4.33")15 cm (5.9")
Pin4 cm (1.57")6 cm (2.36")
Modern Coin8 cm (3.14")12 cm (4.72")

Nokta Detectors reserves the right to change the design, specifications or accessories without notice and without any obligation or liability whatsoever.