Took The PulseDive Out Today To A Spot

Took The PulseDive Out Today To A Spot - Cover

Took the PulseDive out today to a spot I only hit 1 time last year. I only hunted a small portion of this swim hole. Scored 1 ladies 14k ring with fake stones 1 man’s wedding ring with real diamonds and 1 925 ring with fake stones. Both the earring and necklace stick to a magnet.

Published by: Matt Kwiatkowski

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  1. Zach couch says:

    Awesome finds. I love my pulsedive and my Anfibio! I can’t wait for the new machine to be released. I freakin love Nokta Makro! I have converted 4 people to Nokta Makro. And one of them was a die hard Garrett lover. But once he used my Simplex he couldn’t deny how much better it was…

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