The 1st Photo Is Of An Axe Head I Found

The 1st Photo Is Of An Axe Head I Found - Cover

The 1st photo is of an axe head I found, near a place called Sarn in Denbighshire. Not sure of the age. The second photo is something I’ve never seen before. It’s a George V Florin, but looks like someone tried to make it into a button/brooch. Found in Dolwyddelan, North Wales, an old WW2 American training camp.

Published by: Chris Tucker

3 responses to “The 1st Photo Is Of An Axe Head I Found”

  1. Andrew Nicholls says:

    They were trying to make the coin into a ring

    • Chris Tucker says:

      Thank you. I’ve been trying to research it but I’ve not come up with anything yet. This makes more sense, very small fingers though lol

  2. Chris Tucker says:

    Been told by a finds officer that she thinks the axe head is around 1600’s. Florin wise, she’s taken it in to log it as she’s never seen anything like it

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