Last night’s grave yard shift results

Last night’s grave yard shift results, when you can’t get on your spot as it’s under water at 8 pm you know it’s gonna be a long night.
Spent a hour on the dry but it’s been hamnerd by me with various machines but still managed a few deep bits the stock coil just wouldn’t have seen but using the new nel tornado coil for the kruzer, just Wow. Different machine. Bye bye stock coil. I thought I was swinging the ctx with the depth I was getting. Pound coins at 3 scoops deep. Old penny’s at 15″ fishing weights at silly depths but still giving sensitivity on smaller deep targets and still running high gain.
Small plated toe ring was as close as I came to any bling.
Running my 4 tone settings in 14k at around 92 gain.
Great I.d stability on targets up to around 10″ deeper targets are a bit sketchy, ” great to get lead back as the stock coil just dosent like it in the wet.
Was worried about pin pointing but using the wiggle method I nailed pretty much every target.

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