Hit one of my dry sand locations for the last time

Hit one of my dry sand locations for the last time for this season. Most of the surface finds are long gone. Had to work hard looking for the deeper finds.
I pretty much stayed in my tweaked 4 tone settings now as beach setting would not see most of the deeper finds I’m not a fan of 2 tone although deeper than the beach setting out of water it’s tone make up bores me to death.
So I pretty much use these settings for wet/dry sand.
4 tone
Gain up as high as you can get it.
Disc 8 to 14 (sand condition)
Notch 95 up
Iron volume 0 (will reduce chatter at high gain)
Isat 0
First tone break one above your chosen disc.
Tones.. here’s the magic.
15 _ 50_50_50 this takes the tone transition out so there’s no tone bounce. First cpl of sessions just dig the repeatable signals (2 way) even spitty signals if there 2 way if you think it’s iron just move to gen slow sweep and if it falls bellow 16 it’s normally iron or coke.
The higher pitch just makes target signals lift out even in chatter.
2 tone did better but I had to max out the gain. Compared to the 90 it’s on in both settings. 3 tone failed and was just a blip.

Published by Darren Smith

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