Vein Mountain Metal Detecting Rally

The Southern Relics team coordinated a metal detecting event at the LDMA Vein Mountain gold camp in North Carolina September 28-30, 2023. It was a great event where we spent time with each participant to teach them metal detecting as well as some advanced detector training. Everyone brought their own metal detector, but we also provided a variety of Nokta detectors for them to demo and use during the training and hunts. Nokta Detection Technologies sponsored this event, and we appreciate them for doing so.

We had 12 participants, which was good and bad at the same time. The LDMA usually has more to sign up, but because the economy is challenging right now, I believe it kept others from attending. The good part about a small number of people is that it allowed us to work with each one individually and give each one ample training time. Everyone learned a lot about their detectors and the new Nokta machines during this training session.

At the end of the day we conducted a couple seeded hunts and gave away lots of metal detecting gear including a metal detector that Kellyco donated for this event.

On the second day we did some fun metal detector games with everyone, which was my favorite part of the event. We did a relay game where each team had to find eight specific targets in a marked area. Upon completion, the team moved to the next marked area and one of their team members had to get on their hands and knees with a pinpointer and find two specific targets. To add to the fun, we threw in some other targets in that area to slow them down. Once those targets were found, the team moved onto the last obstacle. In this one we buried a quarter, a half dollar and a nickel. This required them to use their plug-digging skills to dig out the quarter. These games are always fun, and we they can be challenging.

In the afternoon we did another seeded hunt giving away more metal detecting gear and some silver. That evening we did a night hunt. These are always tons of fun when we light the ground up with glow sticks and throw out hundreds of little metal charms along with five big tokens to be found. The ones who found them received a Garrett Finds box and they kept their tokens.

The last day is always enjoyable. By that time, everyone has learned more about their detector and are more confident with using it. So we gave them a short class on relic hunting, researching old properties and getting permission to detect. We got some great feedback from them that the information we gave was so useful.
After the class, we showed them some maps of the property of the gold camp, and where some old houses used to stand in the early 1900’s, then we sent them off to go digging. There were some great relics found over the next couple hours. One gentleman (Kevin) found what we believe to be a piece of a bayonet. Several detectorists found horseshoes near the house sites as well as pieces of hand-forged chain links.

At the end of the day we did one more seeded hunt and gave away a Simplex Ultra donated by Nokta and many other metal detecting gear. We are thankful we get to do these detecting events at the LDMA properties, and we look forward to coordinating more of them next year.

Location: North Carolina, NC (USA)
Date: 2023 September 28 - 30


North Carolina, NC (USA)


2023 September 28 - 30

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