Spring Detectival 2019


An exceptional hoard, which is believed to belong to medieval age, was discovered on April 7th at the Spring Detectival UK in Henley-on Thames by 4 detectorists of whom 2 were Nokta Makro Kruzer users!

The archaeologists and authorities rushed to the site and excavations were in progress right away. During the time we were there alone, 9 gold and more than 200 silver coins were dug out and the excavation was still ongoing when we left.

It was a very rewarding and proud day for us as the Nokta Makro Kruzers had played the leading role in this exceptional historical discovery!

Keep tuned for more info and details as we get an update from the authorities.

LocationOxfordshire - England
Date2019 April 6 - 7


Oxfordshire - England


2019 April 6 - 7

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