Discovering Sunken Riches: PulseDive Successes

Discovering Sunken Riches: M/V Lilly May's PulseDive Successes - Cover

Who & Where:
The crew of the M/V Lilly May (C-69) of Grant Gitschlag, Mike Penninger, Nick Amelio and Corinne Lea with 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels LLC. Found off coast of Sebastian, Florida U.S.A.

From Grant (Captain) – The Nokta PulseDive was instrumental in many of our recoveries, including some silver coins, a beautifully intact silver fork, and more! All found on the Lilly May, working under the auspices of 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels LLC.

A few months ago this year.

Published by: Grant Gitschlag

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  1. Sal G says:

    It’s a must have for your underwater detecting arsenal

  2. Larry K. Mordecai says:

    Love mine!

  3. Larry Grover says:

    That is awesome