Another Day a Different Beach And Once Again

Another Day a Different Beach And Once Again - Cover

Another day, a different beach, and once again, a guy approached me at Folkestone. He asked for help in finding his lost wedding ring while swimming, and after 30-40 minutes, I managed to uncover it from beneath the shingle. The man was overjoyed, highlighting the beauty of reuniting lost items. Using my Nokta Legend detector, I assisted in this recovery. The images capture the ring and the delighted gentleman. It was truly gratifying to lend a hand. Two outings, two recovered lost rings in one week.

Published by: Mark Horton

4 responses to “Another Day a Different Beach And Once Again”

  1. Gary Michael Gosnell says:


  2. Mark Horton says:

    Awesome thank you

  3. Uncle Tony and the Boys! says:

    Giving back while having fun with a Nokta Makro Legend never gets old!