Anfibio Battery Information

Anfibio Battery Information

Anfibio has an internal 3700mAh Lithium Polymer battery.
Battery life is approximately 14-19 hours for the Anfibio 14 and Anfibio 19 and 9-19 hours for the Anfibio Multi. Battery life will be less in 5kHz compared to other frequencies on the Anfibio Multi. Other factors such as usage of speaker or wired/wireless headphones will also affect battery life for each model.


Charge the Anfibio before initial use.
Charging will take approximately 4-6 hours.
To charge the battery, insert one of the ends of the cable supplied with the charger to the wired headphones / charger input socket and the other end to the charging adapter.

IMPORTANT! Do not use a different charging adapter other than the one supplied with your device!

Operating with a Powerbank
You can also power and charge the battery with a powerbank. To do this, just insert one of the ends of the cable supplied with the charger to the wired headphones / charger input socket and the other end to the powerbank. Please note that you will not be able to attach wired headphones to the device when a powerbank is attached to the device.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT use the detector underwater while connected to a power bank.


You can purchase the optional battery pack and use it when the device’s internal battery is dead and you cannot charge it.
You can attach the battery pack easily to the back of the armrest as shown in the pictures.
The battery pack takes 4 AA Alkaline or rechargeable NiCd or NiMH batteries.
The battery pack does not come with the device, it is an optional accessory and it does not include the 4 AA batteries.
Because the input socket for the wired headphones cannot be used when the optional battery pack is attached to the device, you can attach your wired headphones to the input socket on the battery pack.

IMPORTANT! Optional battery pack cannot be recharged and 2 optional battery packs cannot be attached back to back to the device. When you want to charge the internal battery of the device, do not forget to disconnect the optional battery pack! Do not attempt to attach the charging adapter to the connector on the optional battery pack. This input is for wired headphones only!

Low Battery Level

Battery icon on the display shows the battery life status. When the charge decreases, the bars inside the battery icon decrease, too. “Lo” message appears on the display when the batteries are depleted.
When the optional battery is low, the device will display the low battery warning ”Lo” on the screen just like the internal battery. In such a case, the batteries need to be replaced or the internal battery must be used. If you want to switch to using the internal battery, remove the optional battery case cable and turn the device off and on again. Otherwise, the device will continue to display the Lo battery warning.


1. Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures (for example a car’s trunk or glove compartment).
2. Do not charge the battery in temperatures over 35° C (95° F) or below 0° C ( 32° F).
3. The Anfibio battery can only be replaced by Nokta Makro Detectors or its authorized service centers.

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