Anfibio Assembly

Anfibio Assembly 1

Anfibio Assembly 2
(1) After inserting the washers on the lower shaft, place the lower shaft in its location on the search coil. Secure by tightening the screw and nut. Do not overtighten.

(2) To join the middle rod with the upper and lower rods, open the lever latches and engage the pieces together. After adjusting the length of the device to your height, press the latches to secure.

(3) Wind the search coil cable on the shaft without stretching too much. Then, plug the connector to the search coil input socket on the system box and secure by tightening the nut. While tightening, you may hear clicks indicating that the connector is secured.

(4) To adjust the armrest to your comfort, push the red lock forward. Adjust it by sliding it up or down and secure by pushing the red lock in the opposite direction.

(5) Insert the armrest strap as shown in the picture and adjust it to your arm size and tighten.

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